Spirit of Expeditions Unlimited

We have always been passionate about engaged exploration and since 2011, with Expeditions Unlimited, we have patiently developed our proposals for polar expeditions and very high altitude climbs. We are attached to the human dimension of exploration as much as to the physical and mental challenge it poses.

From the fourteen 8000s to both poles, from the high mountains to the ice caps, our offer projects us into the world of the few most recognized global operators of which we are certainly the only French-speaking operator.

We approach this responsibility with pride, respect and humility: excellence of our guides and expedition leaders, theoretical and practical preparation of our participants, quality of collective and individual equipment, briefings and medical hotline, weather routing, live monitoring and communication…

On a few rare initiatives, sometimes world firsts, as far as our collective memory allows one to say, we offer expeditions in the jungle, in the deserts or on the oceans.

We make extraordinary expeditions accessible to enthusiasts. We guide them to complete the journey of their life.

Seven summits & Grand Slam

Highest peak in South America (6962 m) [+]
Highest peak in North America (6190 m) [+]
Highest peak in Africa (5895 m) [+]
Highest peak in Europe (5642 m) [+]
Highest peak in Asia (8848) [+]
Highest peak in Oceania (4884 m) [+]
Highest peak in Antarctica (4892 m) [+]
Most Northern point on Earth [+]
Most Southern point on Earth [+]

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School of Adventure

All our challenging expeditions include a practical training course with an expedition leader and medical training with Ifremmont, so you can carry out your project better prepared.
Discover our introductory and advanced courses in mountaineering and polar environments.